Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

Random observation after my 2nd time with THE LAST JEDI:

- Fuck those cry baby fans. This is a damn great movie, maybe the 2nd best of the whole series!

- Holy shit, this time I was seriously exhausted when the credits rolled, because there is so much happening! There is not one dull moment and I can't think of one scene or subplot that should've been left out!

- It's not just the most plot heavy, but also the most action packed of the series! This time they really put the war in STAR WARS!

- They toned down Finn's goofiness this time around. He is still my favourite of the new characters, but mostly based on THE FORCE AWAKENS.

- That ol' ass weasle General Hux is now officially my 2nd favourite of the new characters. I hope they kill him in the next one in a glorious, highly gif-able moment of "Oh shit, I screwed up".

- PORG!!!

- Okay, not gonna lie, on 2nd viewing I noticed that they really overdid it a bit with the female empowerment. Every woman in there is brave, smart, a born leader, always one step ahead of the rest, while the men are evil, short sighted, full of doubts, have to screw up before they do something right and at one point Poe goes even into full "Uhm, actually" mode, before he makes a good point. But if that ruins the movie for you or make your manhood feel threatened, you are weak ass shitrooster.

- I'm not against Rose, but what she does at the end really makes me like her less and I am admittedly a Rey/Finn shipper.
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