Suicide Squad ★★★½

The movie has exactly three things going for it.

1) The cast. Everybody here is on fire! Margot Robbie maybe got all the attention, but the rest of the Squad had obviously lots of fun too and decided to fill their characters with as much life as they could squeeze into their two dimensions. I even liked Jared Leto's white trash pimp Joker!

2) The visuals. The whole movie looked stunning and David Ayer came in certain moments up with surprisingly freaky ideas, that I hadn't expected from him.

3) The entertainment value. It's simply never boring. Period.

Now is it a good movie? Depends on what you consider a good movie. If "entertaining, with good performances and some cool ideas" is enough for you, then yes, it's good. If you also need a script that makes sense and has some kind of coherent structure, well, then not.

Seriously, none of it makes sense. The movie fails on a storytelling level in a way, that makes average Cannon productions look like something by the Coen Brothers! But again: I was entertained. I don't wanna encourage this kind of behaviour and hope they do better next time, but I'm kinda happy that SUICIDE SQUAD exists.

#056 in 2017