The Big Hit ★★★★

It's an old favourite of mine from my VHS teenage years and man, does it hold up!

I always like Mark Wahlberg best, when he is goofy. He doesn't reach the heights of his Will Ferrell years yet, but gives a really good performance as badass hitman/whiny babyface/too-nice-for-this-world boyscout. The MVP is definitely Lou Diamond Philips, in a rare comedic mega acting performance. But every actor seemed to have a great time and fully believe in that movie.

For some reason I never noticed before how well choreographed the fights and shootouts are. I wouldn't put them in the all time classic category, but they stand out positively 20 years later. If you can laugh at the jokes might depend on your humor, but for me, the mix of deadpan humor, randomness, silly sight gags and an incredible dedication to a running joke about masturbation, works.
#034 in 2018