The Cat in the Hat ★½

I still try to process this movie. One part of me is like "Hey, this should've worked on paper", but then I think "No, not like this, that movie never had a chance!"

It's so weird. It's a movie that looks like people put actual care in it, while at the same time it looks like nobody gave a shit. They have that great, surreal art direction and even hired Emmanuel Lubezki to film it, but it looks like a cheap TV movie. Mike Myers is doing all those physical comedy (and I'm sure lots of improvised punchlines) in heavy make up, but his eyes say: "Fuck that, why am I doing this, is this where my career is really heading, I don't wanna do this, where is my cue card?"

And even I am not sure if I enjoyed it or not. It has this relentless energy and throws all kinds of weird shit at us, but for every "Oh hey, maybe the movie isn't that bad" moment, three "Okay, fuck that, it IS awful" moments follow.
#124 in 2018