The Dark Tower

Wow that was interesting, in the way it felt like an unreleased movie that was made around 1997 or 98. Everything, from the cinematography, the effects, the script (especially the culture clash humor in the last act) screams: "Whoever was responsible for this has a huge nostalgia boner for all the wrong movies from the late 90s!" I'm even sure Matthew McConaughey is in it, because of EDtv and not because he re-invented himself as great character actor a few years ago!

But the worst thing is, that this movie features everything that I associate with awful late 90s blockbuster b-movies, except the entertainment value. I have a soft spot for movies like WILD WILD WEST or MYSTERY MEN, but there is nothing redeemable about THE DARK TOWER. I could say that Elba and McConaughey are good, but they aren't really outstanding or anything. More in a "We are professionals, so let's do what we were paid for, but there is no reason why we should try harder" way.
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