The Emoji Movie

Just like back in the 80s the excellent MUPPET BABIES accidently started the trend of soulless "classic cartoon characters as kids" shows, WRECK-IT RALPH and THE LEGO MOVIE gave us this.

Okay, I admit, there are some cool visual ideas that actually made me wish I had watched it in 3D, but it feels like the biggest fake trailer ever. It's basically DREAMWORKS ANIMATION'S CARDS: THE FULL LENGTH MOVIE, only that EMOJI, with its dumb concept, the shameless product placement, the even for me too stupid puns, wasn't supposed to be a parody!

Honestly, Sony Animation should've pulled a THE ROOM and tour the midnight movie circle with audience participation screenings, because I can't see any other way how anybody could enjoy this. Remember Patton Oswalt's bit about DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS? It fully applies to THE EMOJI MOVIE.
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