The House ★★★½

I laughed more than I didn't, but honestly, a lot didn't work. Most of it seemed to be improvisations, juding by how that shit went on and on and on. Hey, at least the end credits rolled after 85 minutes, instead of Apatow-esque artificially blown up 2 1/2 hours (plus 20 extra minutes for the unrated version), but even with the best improvisation, timing is everything. "Remove your favourite parts to improve the movie" is film school 101 and even if am much more forgiving when it comes to filmmaking flaws in comedies, improv that runs until it's not funny anymore and then 5 more minutes, is a huge no-go for me.

But like I said, I laughed often. I even laughed loud. I wouldn't put it in the "OMG, you have to watch it!" category, but it's not nearly as bad as its reputation.
#135 in 2018

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