The Man with the Golden Gun ★★★

The previous movie had a henchman named "Tee Hee", this one has one named "Nic Nac". Please don't tell me in the next movie is a guy named "Poo Poo" or "Ding Dong"!

Anyway, this was one of the more entertaining Bonds. It was again too long and full of scenes that have no right to be in the movie at all (although some are at least cool or weird enough to make me give them a pass), but the pace worked and I really enjoyed the villain!

It was nice to see a bad guy who seemed to be so casual about everything. Christopher Lee even got to be charming, instead of sinister most of the time. His Scaramanga was more a sportsman, who had a shady business plan. He never tried to hold the world hostage, but instead encouraged his henchman to kill him and even was super excited to face Bond.

Of course then there is shit like the now infamous slide whistle during one of the greatest car stunts in history or the return of the redneck sheriff from LIVE AND LET DIE, this time even with some full-blown racism added. Then the usual stuff, like racism, sexism, etc. But I have to admit, I mostly like the more light-hearted and silly style of the Roger Moore era so far.
#108 in 2018
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