The Next Karate Kid ★★½

It was okay for what it was. Once Julie dropped her stereotypical-angry-90s-teen-who-blames-her-parents-for-being-dead act, she becomes more likeable than Daniel in the sequels (and maybe even in part 1). That "the girl" has to save her date in the finale, without making any pseudofeminist quips (in fact, gender doesn't really play a role in at all), is refreshing. As expected, Michael Ironside makes a wonderful hateable villain and the Monks are the most delightful side characters of the whole series. (I love that the asshole at the bowling alley wasn't a sore loser and willing to learn, btw.)

Apart from that, there was nothing to write home about. The movie looked like it was made for TV, the script isn't adding anything new or relevant to the series and although it's the shortest, it's still too slow at times. But as far as late sequels, that lose half of their cast go, it's far from being an embarassment. It's just not inspired enough to go above "It was okay, I guess" status.
#039 in 2018
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