The Pink Panther Strikes Again ★★★★

Early on, the movie does the old "man steps on rake" gag, but Blake Edwards made this joke brillant, by establishing the rake earlier and then spending a lot of time on other things, until we totally forgot about it. That's how much care Edwards put into these silly movies and that's why they should show them in film schools!

At this point, the series gave up on trying to tell a story and just became a live action cartoon and a showcase for Peter Sellers' comedy chops. After the weaker previous entry, it was definitely the right decision.

But let's be honest. Sellers was a genius, but the true MVP of the series was Herbert Lom. A great character actor, who had no fear of letting his freak flag fly and had the ability to sell the silliest jokes. I admit, especially in this movie, his Inspector Dreyfuss got sometimes bigger laughs out of me than Clouseau.

Side note: I love the the crowd at the Oktoberfest scene sang the authentic German party song "Rucki Zucki".
#034 in 2017