The Post ★★★

Heavy handed, extremely on the nose and free of any suspense, but also entertaining.

It suffers from the same problem, that many other based-on-true-story flicks have: By telling a story which's outcome we all know, it lowers the stakes to the point of "So what?" I mean, the stakes here are HUGE! Not just that everybody involved could go to prison and die poor, this is about fucking freedom of press, man! But the movie presents the main stake as :"Will they print it?" And of course they will. We know that they printed it. And after they printed it, there are a few minutes of: "Will they be allowed to print it?" And of course we all know that they got away with it.

So this is more one of those: "We spoonfeed you what happened" affairs, without any surprises. But like I said, it's entertaining. The dialogue is witty without entering smartass territory, the prestige TV heavy cast (So many people from the BREAKING BAD universe and FARGO...) is great and the dynamic cinematography prevents this talking heads movie from becoming stale.

In conclusion: It's a nice throwback to the "adult" popcorn movies of the 70s, but a bit more punch, despite its obvious real world metaphor, would've been nice.
#128 in 2018
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