The Ridiculous 6 ★★★

Yes, I laughed a lot. In fact, I would say that this is the funniest and most inspired Sandler joint since MR DEEDS. (I still chuckle at Vanilla Ice Mark Twain, Taylor Lautners execution or headless Harvey Keitel.)

No, I didn't laugh at everything. I really could've done without some of the gross-out jokes . Actually I'm not sure if I like hard R-rated Adam Sandler at all.

Yes, the movie is too long. There is no reason why most comedies should run longer than 80 minutes and there is absolutely no reason why this one should run 2 hours!

No, it's not okay to make racist jokes or have an actor appear in brownface, just because you portray the respective ethnicities in an otherwise positive light.

No, I never expected to say or write the following words: "Taylor Lautner steals this movie!"
#044 in 2018