The Saint ★★½

Why wasn't this nominated for a Make Up Oscar? Okay, it most likely had lost against that year's winner MEN IN BLACK anyway, but the other two nominees were TITANIC and MRS BROWN. Don't tell me that Val Kilmer's great wigs, beards, eyebrows and noses in this movies were worse than whatever qualified TITANIC in that category!

The Make Up is without a doubt the best thing about this typical late 90s underwritten studio thriller. It tries to be MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (the first one), but without the impossible mission. The villains are boring, the stakes in every big scene are simply "run fast enough so that I won't get shot" and while the movie as a whole is at least competent, nothing in it really clicks.

Elisabeth Shue was cute as hell, though. And the needledrops, that for some reason always played at the same time and the same volume as the score, gave me nostalgic feelings of the alternative Radios of the late 90s.
#064 in 2018
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