Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End ★★★★½

Backstory: This is the animated sequel to the little known Canadian horror stoner slapstick comedy series TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL, which I loved so much, that I had to help crowdfund this movie. That was years ago and my credit card bill is still up to "Ugh, that's a number that I never wanted to owe a bank" levels.

But it was worth it!

It's everything I ever hoped for. Well, okay, I wish it would've been live action, like the TV show. Or at least that the animation would be bit more high quality. But I made my piece with the animation part a long time ago and the animation is actually not that bad. In fact, it's surprisingly well animated (I would call it "Cartoon Network level") and since we get to hear at least all original voices, I adjusted to it seriously quick.

I'm not gonna spoil anything, but the movie is, like the series, a hilarious mix of violence and potty humor, with a surprisingly exciting story. There were scenes and dialogues, that made me almost die from laughing, while the story tied up the most important (and one unimportant that I totally forgot about) lose ends in a very satisfying way. I wish some of the side characters from the series had bigger roles, but it's nice to see (well, hear) them all again.

This will most likely be the last thing we'll ever see of Todd and the gang, but it's a great way to go out. This is the kind of wrap movie, that FIREFLY with it had! As a fan, I'm fully satisfied.
#134 in 2017