Toy Story ★★★★

Man, I'm so glad that Pixar didn't start out like the company that it is today. I really wouldn't want this buddy movie between a man, who commits a crime out of jealousy, and a man, who suffers from a personality disorder that only gets worse before it gets better, to be as sad and depressing as modern day Pixar movies.

Their first joint hasn't aged 100% well. The back then groundbreaking animation is now more on TV level (and even worse if you look at the humans, that even looked pretty bad by 1995 standards) and the script, while being extremely tight with brushes of greatness (most of all the introduction to the chamber of horrors that is Sid's room), feels a bit simple. Not to mention that I never understood why Buzz "plays dead" like the other toys in the company of humans, although he thinks he is real. Wouldn't he at least try to make contact with "the leader of the planet" at some point? And man, I love YOU GOT A FRIEND IN ME as much as the next guy, but do these songs feel out of place, now that we as a society have learned that cartoon movies don't need songs at all!

But does it hold up as a whole? Hell yeah! The voice acting (both in the original and the German version) is top notch, the simplicity of the script works mostly in its favor and the partly rocket powered car chase is still one of the most exciting set pieces in animation history!
#130 in 2018