Trail of the Pink Panther

It's an interesting exercise in "creating something from leftovers", that most likely made Roger Corman proud. Also I like to believe that Blake Edwards tried to truly honor Peter Sellers and his most iconic character, instead of making a tasteless cashgrab. It actually would've been a nice TV special.

But even I, as the very forgiving movie lover that I am, can't find much to like about it. The first 40 minutes work, but then it turns into a clip show with very few laughs inbetween. It's like nobody dared to make a joke, to not distract from Sellers. Even Herbert Lom holds himself back. The only one who truly didn't give a shit, was Richard Mulligan as Clouseau Sr, whose scene is definitely the funniest moment, that was shot specifically for this movie.

I would cut this misguided Frankenstein monster of a movie a lot of slack, if Sellers had died during the shoot and they were forced to deliver some kind of finished product, but this happened years after his death! Everybody involved had enough time to say: "Nope, I don't think that will work. Let's not do this. Maybe we can make a documentary or something like that." Hell, I would even be somehow okay with it, if the result was watchable, but it's not!

I only give it one star for the previously unused Sellers footage, the creative editing and the return of some old characters. It actually deserves less.
#036 in 2017