Transformers: Age of Extinction ★★★

Yeah, I really enjoyed the first three movies for everything, why the rest of the world hates them. The stupid comedy in the most random and inappropriate moments, the excessive and impossible to top total-fucking-destruction in the action scenes, the human characters who are either huge assholes or just complete nutjobs and often played by award winning character actors, etc.

But this was the first one, where all of that didn't fully click with me. The whole thing was too mean spirited. Nothing against Kelsey Grammer and Titus Welliver, who did a great job at being hateable, but I think that the villains are real humans, who have no regard for civilian life and really don't care how many innocents die on their job, sucks a lot of fun out of the movie. Not to mention that the one, PG-13 rating pushing death was a bit too sadistic, although I didn't like the character or the actor who played him.

The weirdest thing was the complete randomness. Even part 2, which was famously shot without a real script and only built around action scenes, made more sense. Here just random shit happens and even dialogue scenes are edited without any continuity. I know, that's kinda Michael Bay's style, but this was the first time that I felt completely disoriented and I thought I was watching an overlong trailer, instead of a full movie.

And yes, this was the first time ever that a movie was too excessive for me. It runs almost three hours and by the time the final action scene started, I was willing to just skip forward, because I was so exhausted from all the stuff that was thrown at me before.

That said, the sheer I-thought-I-was-prepared-for-it-but-I-can't-believe-what-I'm-seeing factor still entertained me enough and the middle part on the spaceship (or should I call it the Transformers House Of Horrors) was the most suspenseful thing that I've ever seen from Michael Bay.
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