What We Started ★★★

It's nice that this documentary actually tries to unite the new generation of DJs/producers/ravers with the old school, by showing how much they have in common and although it looks and sounds different, it's still the same. More people should do that. The scene really suffers from the whole "Waaah, I'm so underground, you kids with your bass drops should better get off my lawn" rift.

And it's a well made music doc. Entertaining, good researched, great archive footage (Mayday broadcasts from German TV ftw!) BUT it rang false to me, that they at one hand talk about how popular and successful electronic dance music was already in the 90s, but then act like before Oakenfold/Guetta/Garrix it never broke the mainstream. They actually interview Erick Morillo, but never ask him about Reel 2 Real. Where were Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy, who all had huge mainstream success in the 90s? At one point they mention how TODAY every pop act wants a dance song on their album, but what about all those Hip House songs from the 90s? Or Madonna basically making Vocal House with VOGUE?

It's like they tried to force the "Here is Martin Garrix, he brought electronic music to the mainstream and is the most successful ever!" narrative and were afraid of making him look like one of many. Although at the same time the movie is aware of the differences, by constantly comparing him to the old school legend that is Carl Cox.

But what can I say? I'm a sucker for DJs talking about the history of dance music and lots of footage of dancing people from the last 30 years. So I can't be mad at it.
#074 in 2018