White Dog ★½

Although it's always billed as horror, it's actually a drama about causes of racism and human/dog relationships. And not even a really good one. It's slow, the female protagonist is awfully annoying (At least at one point we spend more time with Paul Winfield, who really elevates the movie) and everything it wants to say, could've been said in a short film runtime. Even the Morricone score is annoying and out of place!

I appreciate what the movie tries to do. It's not like it's a complete dud. When it goes for suspense, it works, thanks to very relatable moments of "Oh shit, is that dog attacking me or why is it coming at me?". And the scene, where we meet the previous owner is super scary, although it's just people talking.

But all in all I think the idea of the movie is more interesting than the product itself.
#132 in 2017
TV recording