Wonder Woman ★★½

I think I'm getting too old and grumpy for fantasy movies, that exploit real world tragedies for popcorn entertainment.

But even without its "Hey, have you heard that WWI was caused by a cartoon version of a greek god? Here is a scene of Wonder Woman and her friends killing evil soldiers in super cool ways for your entertainment and here is another scene of people getting gassed!", it has not much to offer.

The cast is more or less pitch perfect, but the movie runs at least 20 minutes too long, its attempts at humor are hit and miss, the FX are awkward, the direction uninspired. If this had come out in the late 90s, I would probably be much easier on it, but as a 2017 release? Nope, sorry..

Damn, if this is the kind of movie that women need to feel empowered, they have it even worse than I ever imagined!
#033 in 2018