Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

Just let Denis Villeneuve direct every sci-fi movie from now on. He was born to do it.

Blade Runner 2049 (aka Her 2, aka The Force Awakens: Reimagined, aka Ghost In The Shell: The Good One, aka La La Land: Apocalypse), is one of the best science fiction films of the last decade and maybe ever. I dare to say that it has already in the bag the Oscars for Visual Effects and Cinematography, at the very least.

A worthy sequel that actually feels like it belongs to the universe of its predecessor. A worthy sequel that actually expands and keeps building up a world that was created 35 years ago; giving the impression of progress and advance of the technology within the movie itself.

BR2049 is a movie you really have to concentrate on. It's just as slow as the first one. If that wasn't a problem for you before, it won't be now. But it's 2 hours and a half long, so it might become difficult to go through if you're not paying enough attention. But once you're into the movie, there will be no way to get out.

The marvelous acting, the fantastic music, the mindblowing visuals. All of that makes you feel like you're watching a modern classic. A movie that will be talked about for decades. A movie that will start appearing in a lot of lists among the best sci-fi movies of all time. A movie that will become your new favorite.

I think Denis should stick to sci-fi. The man has proven to all of us that this kind of movies are not only mindless action, shallow characters, unnecesary explosions and pretty visual effects. He has proven that sci-fi can be Oscar-worthy, that can be thoughtful, beautiful. He has proven that a movie can be a blockbuster but it can also be art.

Maybe we are witnessing the birth of the next and enhanced Ridley Scott. Only time will tell. But if something's sure, is that we are witnessing the beginning and birth of the first Denis Villeneuve.

As additional and final notes:

-Ryan Gosling is a fantastic actor. I used to think that he was only the pretty guy from the romantic movies. Oh, was I wrong!
-Ana de Armas is a gift from the Heavens.

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