Tenet ★★★★

It feels great to be back in the cinema after 6 months - watching Tenet on a huge IMAX screen with mindblowing visuals and bombastic audio was such a great way to be reabsorbed in the cinematic experience.

The setpieces, practical effects and gigantic amount of action was simply incredible, I was marveling in just how EXPENSIVE this film is. There are so many great action sequences that are refreshing and stand out from the average action thriller; I would hate to give them away as they just have to be seen to be believed. The whole idea of time inversion is very well executed and on multiple watches as well as viewing analysis videos, I'm sure it will all come together - I mean, Nolan has been working on this concept for almost a decade, it wouldn't be done for the sake of dumb entertainment.

And people weren't kidding when they said this movie was loud, I mean the cinema was shaking pretty much all the time and it's absolutely the loudest film I've seen in a cinema - and although it was a little disorienting not being able to hear some of the dialogue completely clearly, it added to the chaotic nature of the plot that built up throughout. The score is head-noddlingly bombastic and the sound design, while unevenly mixed, is distinctive and fitting.

It's a damn shame that Nolan still cannot write compelling, well developed characters - only 4 characters had some vague weight that made me care enough for them, but the others, I couldn't have cared for them less. Still though, the acting performances are solid and the dialogue isn't questionable when compared to Nolan's weaker efforts, but the exposition dumps are a little ridiculous.

Tenet marks the uncertain, yet explosive return of the multiplex and remains a highly enjoyable action flick that's going to be analysed for months to come.

8/10 (great)

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