The red flower
you always wanted to pick—
now this autumn wind

Favorite films

  • The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum
  • Four Seasons of Children
  • Fallen Blossoms
  • Fighting Soldiers

Recent activity

  • Little Boy


  • Unfinished Business


  • Singing Lovebirds


  • The Abe Clan


Recent reviews

  • Cruising



    Perhaps I’d give this a positive rating if we could bring back the 40 minute longer X-rated cut in which Pacino gets railed by a hundred guys in one night, but as it stands this is the same as all of Friedkin’s other films, which is to say it’s garbage.

  • An Actor's Revenge

    An Actor's Revenge

    GHQ’s re-edit of the original 1935 An Actor’s Revenge from a magnificent 310 minutes to a measly 97 surely ranks as one of the biggest crimes against cinema ever committed. Flashes of brilliance can still be seen in this mutilated masterpiece from the minds of two of Japanese cinema’s biggest legends, Teinosuke Kinugasa and Daisuke Itō; a bird’s eye view shot of a crowd scurrying along narrow Osaka streets at the beginning is perhaps the most memorable shot, and a…

Popular reviews

  • Can't Get You Out of My Head

    Can't Get You Out of My Head


    As with any project approximating this kind of approach to a politico-historical theme, there is a selection of material here that necessarily chooses certain things while leaving other things out. Obviously, there is thus a danger of misrepresentation in how this theme—only ever something partial—is represented as relating to the social totality. This series discusses the failures of revolutionary movements and the destruction of gains made by the labour movements in the West which led to the extension of the…

  • Zeros and Ones

    Zeros and Ones


    In a time where Schmitt’s reduction of the political to a single conceptual distinction is professed as the horizon of all political thinking, war bends all men to its will, and love a thing of the past.