Unstoppable ★★★★

Intimately connected to Pelham in the sense that the central events are ones that draw the interlocking workings of a city to a halt while Scott explores the ripples with his hyperactive camera. Yet, I find this to be much more well-grounded than the previous film; specifically in the expository information regarding Washington's and Pine's characters, something divulged through conversations ultimately leading to the question of what we do anything for, answered here by the experience and responsibility of the workingman - Scott's final hero. This coupled with the more sensational aspects (constant cutting to media coverage, the track-level shots, the train's depiction as a kind of monster - moaning and groaning like a mechanical whale) give Unstoppable a real weight, visually and aurally, which, at least in my opinion, far outclasses Travolta's histrionics. A beautiful film about knowledge and experience being passed from generation to generation.

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