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  • The Craft

    The Craft


    The first two thirds are a solid mix of spooky witch vibes and teen comedy - an admittedly potent combination of the high school satire of Heathers and the neo-goth, Ouija 90s aesthetic of The Crow. But the final act absolutely shits the bed, pivoting into self-serious horror cliches. Still, it is undeniably fun to see a young Campbell and Balk in eyeliner and leather jackets cosplaying as teenage misfits.

    I hope the upcoming remake is much gayer and much witchier!

  • The Frighteners

    The Frighteners


    It’s an impressive debut for Weta but it ultimately ends up feeling like an FX demo, showing off new technology just for the sake of it. The plot can barely sustain the first hour, and it really starts to drag in the back half, which is a shame because the narrative hook is delightful; a supernatural con man using the ghosts in his control to fake hauntings, only to then charge the home owners once he “clears the house” of…

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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    Nope, absolutely the fuck not. Watching this with a bunch of boomer WASPs was one of the most cursed movie theatre experiences I’ve ever had.

    Too many of the things that I hate about modern movies are on display here:

    - Inconsistent accents that would make Tommy Wiseau blush
    - An aesthetic that’s just pieced- together stylistic tics from other better filmmakers, without a single original cinematic idea of its own
    - Tweeness as a substitute for authenticity, attempting to…

  • Nenette and Boni

    Nenette and Boni


    Elliptical and oblique, alternating between moments of brutality and tenderness, impeccably crafted, more interested in psychology and atmosphere than story, and obviously the vision of a completely singular artistic mind. In other words, a classic Claire Denis joint.

    The ending is an all-timer, and the editing and framing here is seriously god-level. It is also more explicitly humorous than anything else in her oeuvre.

    This is arguably where Denis’ style finally matured and coalesced into the aesthetic mode that she…