Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Army of the Dead is a wicked blast of gory zombie action.

I think we are past the point of making Zack Snyder cut down his films and so his latest affair is somewhat overlong but feels rather well paced most of the time and is an incredibly watchable and entertaining film. The emotional beats, some character motivations and some of the plotting don't really work on the whole but that isn't really what you came for and the movie knows it.

Snyder isn't trying to make this film seem smarter than it actually is and simply offers some fantastic action that hits hard. There are moments where some characters will go on an absolute zombie killing spree and it is glorious to watch. There were plenty of instances where my friends and I roared at the screen after an awesome bloody kill. Fans in search of just some good ol' fashioned zombie gore will surely be pleased. It's honestly like COD Zombies and Dead Rising combined at times and there is a nice blend of different types of zombies to keep things fresh.

Army of the Dead never really becomes more than just an exciting zombie film, whereas films like Shaun Of The Dead and Train To Busan soar above the inconsequential benchmark. Nevertheless, it is still a hell of a good time and worth the watch.

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