The Game

The Game ★★★★

I’ll never forget the first time I watched this like a decade ago when Dad showed it to me. My eyes were positively glued to the screen as Fincher took complete control of me.

Fincher’s direction here is immaculate and so calculated. He creates this paranoid atmosphere where you along with the protagonist, are always questioning what’s a game and what isn’t. Michael Douglas is excellent as a wealthy businessman who life goes to hell. This might be my favourite movie from his cinematic universe of asshole businessmen. His character’s flaws drive the premise of the film and in turn the story services his character arc. It’s simple but really works. I absolutely adore Howard Shore’s score. Combine the tragic and melancholic nature of the score with this film’s pristine editing, you get a really eerie atmosphere. The editing is awesome, especially the use of dissolve towards the beginning of the film. One shot of Douglas playing squash is actually insanely gorgeous. All in all, on a technical level, The Game just clicks.

The film is not without its faults though with a couple moments where things have to have gone perfectly for them to work out the way they did. They stretch the realms of believability somewhat but this never bothers me here because I’m so engaged. The way the film concludes might feel like bit of a cop out to some. I remember on first watch I didn’t have an issue with it but didn’t feel like it was fully in sync with what had come before it. However, now after many rewatches, I actually kind of love it. Like I’m actually grinning throughout the whole finale because the film does such a good job at setting up the character. The way Fincher closes the film with a great final shot of ambiguity is just *chefs kiss*.

Highly entertaining thriller that I’m glad is getting more recognition nowadays.

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