The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

It's an accomplished Wes Anderson movie. Obviously it holds all the moving parts that make for an amazing film. Rich with unique originality, insane direction, an all star cast with great performances, gorgeous imagery, an awesome score and of course, beautiful production and costume design.

The one technical aspect I have to talk more about is how the film is lit. This movie is lit to frickin PERFECTION. It's easily his best looking film lighting wise. Yeoman deadset knocked it out of the park. The night shots are done so well and the use of shadows is top notch. It's so vibrant and brings out the perfect amount of colour when needed. Ralph Fiennes is absolutely phenomenal. He has so much range and this is probably one of my favourite performances from him. I really love the mentorship and friendship between his character and Zero.

This is a film that I think I'll like more on rewatch. It's layered with tragedy and I feel that tragedy and meaning will come out even more when I'm not initally soaking up Anderson's style. This movie isn't about the ending, its about the middle and remembering the best bits. What good is money and inheritance when you don't have anyone around you to love and enjoy life with.

There are Wes Anderson films I love and then there are Wes Anderson film's I love that I have really connected with me and hold a special place in my heart. After my first watch, The Grand Budapest Hotel falls into the former category for me.

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