Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★★

As a colour, white doesn't have the same amount of emotional connotation as a colour like blue. It's brighter and lighter going. And that's how this movie is compared to the first.

However I found a lot to love in this movie (other than my crush on Julie Delpy). What I loved most about it is that I never know where it is going to take me next. Where movies of this kind might be formulaic, I felt as though I was on a train of unpredictability. The acting is great and we really do feel for our everyman hero.

In regards to how it ends, I feel like I know what it's saying but don't know how to put it into my own words yet. The final few minutes really define the film and make you realise that it's going for something more than just a transformation and revenge tale. I think as a movie it can stand on its own but I'll be curious to see how it stands between two film's that's themes and tones come from colours that are much more evident and fruitful than white.

I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't go this crazy for Julie Delpy as well to be honest.

iS wHItE A cOLoUr oR a SHaDe?

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