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  • mother!



    I actually can't remember the last time a film disturbed me this much. This is coming from the guy who used to watch shit like Men Behind the Sun and other explicit stuff when he was a little boy. From then on I feel like I've become desensitised to this stuff over the years. I wasn't expecting anything from this. The 18 rating really caught me off guard but again, I wasn't expecting anything. So let's put it this way.…

  • Wake in Fright

    Wake in Fright


    Scavenger Hunt #30 – September 2017

    Film #1

    Task#18 A film that you’ve avoided up to this point: Wake in Fright

    'COME AN AV A DRINK WIV US YA BAASTAD' is something you'll be hearing a lot in this film. And each time it's said, the more unnerving and unsettling it is to hear. Well fuck. Didn't expect that.

    Phenomenally fucked up. In a good way. A booze fuelled acid trip through the baking hot outback with only insane people…

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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad

    31 Day Movie Challenge | August 2016

    4. A 2016 film: Suicide Squad

    I'll start with a quick anecdote. When I was 5 months old, I had my pinky on my left hand severed off in some double doors. Luckily the doctors got in back on in time to help it work again. As young as I was, I remember brief flashes of severe amounts of blood pouring out of my finger and me crying.

    This was a more enjoyable…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    Scavenger Hunt 15 – June 2016

    Film #4

    Task # 8: A film recommended to you by one of your friends: Guardians of the Galaxy

    Okay, so I'm not a fan of superhero movies at all, even if I enjoy them when I get the opportunity to watch them, I certainly don't seek them out avidly. Although I do read comics and love all of them, the superhero genre has always seemed like a shameless cash grab to me, maybe…