Suspiria ★★★½

My third viewing of this was no where near as pleasure able as the first two. Suddenly its flaws became achingly clear. I found too much with this film the viewer has to give Argento the benefit of the doubt due to unconvincing dialogue, acting, lighting and obscure plot links. The lighting is gorgeous, but its sometimes over obvious. There will be red and green circles that do nothing but hide the lack of substance in what is happening in the room, but third time round they aren't so convincing. It tries to be part of the events, but would work much better if the film was just put through stylistic filter that doesn't try to be 'real' (the way the colours in Dr. Caligari don't try to be part of the story and are just for the audience or the way 3d is the same).

Is this a creepy exercise in terror as beauty that moulds the charming campy cliches of the time with stylistic exuberance or a mediocre slasher flick with nice wallpaper?
This time I was much more swayed to the latter than before