Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

Literally just perfect to me. I don’t mean to get personal but this film is like a little bubble of perfection to me, it’s awesome when you’re in it but it’s a standard you can’t really meet otherwise. That’s how I feel about my main experiences seeing Endgame. Wether that be hype leading up to the film, flooding the cinema with tears the first time I saw it, the hype after seeing it, watching it 4 more times in the cinema, buying the soundtrack, buying the Blu-Ray and getting the first copy in any of my local stores. It’s all just... *has a heart attack from brain overload*. Like the nostalgia I have for this film hurts... it HURTS. Which is kind of a bad thing but it just proves to me what a landmark this film was for me. I was speaking to my dad about this yesterday but the year 2019 was literally JUST this film for me (that and Joker). I mean it was not only definitive to that year of my life but, as watching it this time proved, definitive to my life as a whole. It’s not perfect obviously but I’m fed up of having to say that whenever I tell people this is one of my favourite movies. It IS. It always HAS BEEN. And hopefully it will remain so. It’s still one of my very few 10/10s. This film, the MCU... it’s my life, man.

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