Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

What an absolute masterpiece. I thought I might like it but not THIS MUCH. I think an impressive thing that only the best filmmakers can do is to craft a lead character who’s actions are questionable and they never justify or make excuses for those actions, they just ask the audience to empathise with them. And I think that’s what makes this such a deep, psychological character study. It really gets to the roots of what makes people like Billy who they are. I think it’s especially relevant today considering how much more open men are to weaknesses, and it’s a good film to watch for people like that because the majority of men are scared to open up about stuff out of fear of appearing broken. But I think what’s just so excellent about the film is that it shows how opening up and confronting the occasionally toxic sense of masculinity we feel we need to portray can be heavily beneficial. It’s such a shame there isn’t a Blu-Ray release of this in the UK.

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