The Great Hack ½

I'm so damn tired of propaganda from both political sides.. docu sucked. Main person in this doc is someone called Brittany Kaiser and her people, and to say the least the most cringe-worthy people in it. She's playing herself as if she's this undercover spy who's wanted by 12 systems in this galaxy.

The call with her mother with them "be careful"s and "I'm worried about you" with the sad piano playin on the b/g was my first strike. What the fuck was that?! Not convincing anyone. And be prepared to hear A LOT of sad pianos playing throughout the documentary like it's some soap opera telenovela from the 90s.

I'm not in the US and I couldn't care less about their politics because their politics are shit, as it is here in EU too, but still, I just wanted to watch a documentary about the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal as to understand what happened and what they were doing with all the little details.

This documentary could have been good. This is just a liberal propaganda film. If the liberal side would've won the election, then this piece here would have never been filmed or made. There is no unbiased viewpoint out there any more that gives truth. There is no other side to this film. There is no response. There is no rebuttal of what's going on, or better yet of what WAS going on.

The Facebook thing which was mainly what made me watch it, and the whole data mining of course (but mainly the facebook scandal) was crap to say the least, playing Zuckerberg's videos of him answering to congress bits and then this Brittany Kaiser and someone else reacting to it, it was cringe-worthy as hell. A huge no. Like we didn't already know Social platforms are gathering data and all that shit.

It is what it is. And if you are by any chance being manipulated on what to vote and who to vote because of ads and suggestions online, then you're dumb as a box of rocks. That said, of course is not legal to read private messages and whatnot, but we all know they can and they do and they check for keywords and whatnot and if you want you can delete your profiles and everything you want so there's that. No one's making you have a facebook profile.

What this documentary is doing is just an attempt to control media from a liberal perspective to change narratives and personal likenesses or whatever the hell it want's to achieve. If it was the other way around the consvervative would have done the same thing, and the Americans in general.

And mainly the Cambridge Analyrita scandal could have been covered in half the time and then be done.

PS. It looked so fake I haven't seen a documentary or film or video so cringe-worthy.

PS2. The film is SO dumb that it basically tells you that ALL of those who voted for Brexit and Trump to be elected aaaaalll those "dumb" non-liberals and whatnot were manipulated into it by Cambridge Analytica and THAT'S why Trump is now the POTUS.