Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

There’s dumb fun, and then there’s fun that exists in a purely vegetative state.

I’m going to tack an extra star to my rating, as the marketing was very upfront about what to expect here: ZACK SNYDER’S Army of the Dead. Just last week I nearly smashed my head through the television trying to get through his Justice League cut (I endured an eternal eighteen minutes), so any disappointment I may have felt watching this is completely on me. (I suppose I’d hoped Snyder’s return to the sub-genre he was so instrumental in reviving would herald a return to form.)

This high camp, splatter opera has its fans, and far be it from me to besmirch a dish so lovingly catered to their tastes, but contrary to what this film may have you believe: not everyone loves a lobster roll.

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