House ★★★½

House was one of the first horror films I remember watching as a kid, and while I'd still consider it a solid introduction to the genre, I found it much more challenging as an adult to overlook its weaknesses. I'm completely on board with the jarring tonal shifts, and the performances and practical effects are (for the most part) a boon to the production, but the last third especially had a real made-for-TV vibe (right down to the freeze-frame ending) that didn't exactly enhance my experience. (And that score... maybe some of you still harbour a nostalgic connection, but I think I'd prefer it hacked into tiny pieces and buried in the yard.)

If you haven't seen this one in years, and are considering a rewatch, I'd recommend that you proceed with caution, and keep those expectations in check.

To end on a high note, though, let me just say that the shotgun spin by that bat-winged ghoul is hands-down one the most bad ass moments in cinema history.

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