Superhost ★★

Look, I’m not saying your protagonist has to be likeable, but if they’re not likeable, you’d better make goddamn sure they’re charismatic. (I once argued this point with a film critic at an advanced screening of Blood Diamond and the degenerate completely lifted my commentary for his review the next morning!)

What we’ve got here are two of the most insufferably vapid leads I may have ever encountered in a film. Within the first TEN SECONDS, I was done with them - AGGRESSIVELY done with them! I was ready to see their entrails ripped from their bellies, wrapped around their necks, and shoved right down their self-aggrandizing, garbage-spewing throats.

And then the ham-fisted villain of the piece rolls in (nuance, I know thee not) and I’m just hoping there are enough of those entrails left to strangle out myself.

Why would you make a movie where every single character grates on the viewers’ nerves?! (They even try to turn us against Barbara Crampton!) Or is it that I’m just too old to recognize that this is what passes for likeable to the charisma-deficient YouTube generation?