Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

Sometimes the success of a movie is measured in the number of times it has you involuntarily shout/whispering “oh SHIT.” So, three and a half oh SHITs from me.

Pitt adds immeasurably to the movie’s success, especially once you do the thought exercise of subbing in someone like, oh, I don’t know, totally picking at random here, Ryan Reynolds in for the lead. The John Wick diaspora definitely understand the benefit of undergirding their action with an actor who can convey mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion. In Pitt’s hands, the movie’s New Age-y jokes (rarely funny on their own terms), become character driven lines from someone who is at least trying to sincerely re-orient himself.

I also liked the way the script gives luck and bad luck a kind of metaphysical power. In that line of work, it would have to carry some not insignificant weight.

Supporting cast excellent. Tyree Henry always great, but Aaron Taylor-Johnson where have you been all my life? Very solid work.

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