Parasite ★★★

There isn’t anything that’s not technically impressive about movie - the efficiency of the storytelling, the performances, the staging and cinematography, the continual ratcheting up of tension. And yet even if Parasite is considerably less fantastic than Bong’s previous parables, I feel, as I have with his previous films, that the plot’s headlong race toward a cataclysmic conclusion ends up diminishing the film’s metaphorical power. 

There are some fascinating inter-generational dynamics at play here - in addition to the class ones - that I loved. How an older generation’s failure to act inevitably puts the burden on the younger generation. This was all the more moving because the lower class family had so much affection for each other, despite poverty having largely destroyed the traditional family hierarchy.

Another problem maybe just for me? Watching people acquire a certain measure of comfort and then losing it (in an easily avoidable way) gives me the extreme opposite of pleasure. One star docked.