The Land of Steady Habits ★★★★

Saw this pop up on Netflix, but didn’t realize it was the new Nicole Holofcener until I heard her on a recent episode of the Director’s Cut podcast. According to acquaintances on Letterboxd, I was lead to believe this was a disappointment, especially given the highs of Holofcener’s last film, the outstanding Enough Said. Well thank you very much for the lowered expectations, everyone, because though it’s a little slow to get its footing, it’s got one of the year’s best ensembles and - as with most Holofcener films - it has has some GREAT scenes. 

Holofcener has a really light touch. It took me a long time to appreciate that. She earns your trust with her kind of low key goofy charm, and then when you least expect it, she takes your breath away with some acute observation about human behavior. This one has some very wise insights about parenting. If you’re a Holofcener fan, don’t skip this one.