While We're Young

While We're Young ★★★★★

Sublimely funny and sneakily wise.

To critics of the movie's second (less overtly funny) half: I dug it. It's the story of a love affair. To quote Cole Porter: "Our love was too hot not to cool down." Silly infatuation leading to the inevitable fear that the beloved may not love you as much as you love the beloved. And oh, the first half. So so so funny.

And I think the movie is actually quite wise about how it portrays - not just youth, but the perception of youth by the old(er). Baumbach could easily have made a movie that satirizes or, worse, condemns, the millennials and their sense of entitlement. But he doesn't. He forces his gen-x protagonists to get down and dirty with them and I believe it when they come out of the experience changed. Not because Jamie and Darby (and their tribe) have anything specific to offer - but because Stiller's Josh and Watts' Cornelia allowed themselves to be vulnerable. The movie teaches us that there is no way to avoid looking foolish to someone. Have a kid; don't have a kid. Collect records; wear earbuds. Wear a fedora; act your age. No one gets out alive. Literally.

And all the high minded talk about "truth" at the end of the film... I think it's Baumbach's way of illustrating how we perceive things at different points in our lives. Certainly "truth" has been redefined in the context of doc filmmaking over the years. And Grodin's Lincoln speech suggests that truth and our means of capturing it will continue to be defined by future generations.

Cast excellent. Having missed much of her recent stuff, I was happy to have a chance to be reminded of how good Watts can be - and how funny. And as great as Driver is; this is Stiller's movie. Sure it's a variation on The Stiller Character - but nobody does it better.

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