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  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    Is it not racist because it's in a movie? This film felt very outdated.

  • Onward



    Much better than I thought!

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  • Thunderball



    I get it, this movie is old and things have changed! Not THAT much for Agent Syphilis, but some...
    I wanted to see all of the Bond films leading up to the 2020 one but I can't stand it anymore. 15 minutes in he grabs a woman, holding both her arms and makes out with her agains her will (they just met). Three minutes later he blackmails the same woman to have sex with him, otherwise he will have her…

  • Hellboy


    First (first 15 minutes) I was like, this will be a crazy ride. And it was. It is.
    But what a waste of time! Wow. The CGI team from The Scorpion King running the show on the same old computers. And the people that brought you the blood effect from Blade (1998) produced that particular awesome design... The director must love blood and gore more than what's healthy, but I am ok with that, even though it seems to have been all they talked about when creating this film.