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  • Boy



    With Napoleon Dynamite-esc humor, Taika masterfully channels his inner child to create Boy. If you're willing to submit yourself to the imagination of a child and leave reason behind, you will find a film that is vivid and emotional.

  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil

    Tucker and Dale vs Evil


    Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a quintessential "Netflix Film". Is it moving and powerful? Heck no. Is it cheap and entertaining? YYYYYEPPPP. If you parodied Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Fargo you would get this. Excellent for a late night with the boys.

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  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    Ghost In The Shell's strengths are its visuals and acting. I felt an emotional tug as well, as Scar Jo's character asked where do I belong? (A question crucial to our humanity) However, it is no secret that the script and direction are seriously lacking. As are the fight scenes. Simply from a psychological aspect Ghost In The Shell is interesting; otherwise avoid it.

  • Baywatch


    The Baywatch trailer sold us: Efron, The Rock, and Daddario in tight bathing suits, saving the day, with quick one liners and shiny jet skis. The film appeared (from the previews) to be a hyped up Fast film, with an ample amount of nostalgia thrown towards the original TV franchise.

    Instead what we get is a chubby and horribly uncomedic Jon Bass, who in the first few minutes, chokes on a carrot, gets a boner from Kelly Rohrbach's hiemlich maneuver…