Article 15 ★★★★

Article 15 uncovers the underlying evil that our society has hidden in the guise of ignorance and are afraid to expose it because their day to day life will be muddled because of social pressure, the main theme of the movie applies to any place on this earth, human beings divided into tiers and no one knows how and why these tiers came into being.

Anubhav Sinha has done an incredible job with his direction and after pointless movies like Ra-One for example with a blockbuster cast and a huge budget, here he has clearly delivered a great movie with no big names but of course one thing which we can not neglect is the fact that some scenes were clearly inspired by the American TV show, True Detective.

Ayushmann is one of the best actors when it comes to choosing scripts, from Vicky Doner to Andhadhun to this movie, he has always picked scripts which will hardly put a label of a one trick pony on his name unlike some other names in the industry.

But after praising Ayushmann so much i will be completely honest with you that he was hardly the star of the show, his support cast were the real one's who carried the movie. Sayani Gupta, Manjoj Pahwa, Zeshan Ayyub etc were flawless.

To sum it all up the movie had an incredible message, had powerful acting, had a script which deteriorated in the middle after an elite start but managed to give a satisfying ending.

Overall a great movie and one can't miss it, i'll surely be re-watching the scenes where the non cliched local music was used.