Talvar ★★★★½

Saw this again after the verdict came out a week ago but reviewing it now. Still retains every bit of its finesse and horrifying uneasiness. A true crime adaptation such as this one could have easily been stock full of plotholes and boring, unnecessary drama but thankfully, that's not on director Meghna Gulzar's mind at all. Talvar carves a shocking, elaborate picture of the intricacies of the infamous Aarushi murder case. Every frame serves a purpose, and the tightly packed narrative brilliantly puts forward the multifarious theories about the murders, stripping them of all emotion and only dealing with the facts.

I'd almost (hesitantly) compare it to Zodiac in the way it handles its deeply complex double-edged subject matter. It leaves out elements that have little basis in reality and ends just as suddenly with no apparent conclusion, as life often does.

With not a bad performance to be found and one of the best screenplays to come out of India in the past few years, Talvar is a gem of Indian Cinema, an unequivocal reminder that Indian cinema can transcend above its usual cliched and banal state.

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