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  • Lost Angels

    Lost Angels


    Very late ‘80s, very dated. If you’re a Beastie Boys fan you might want to check this one out, though it kind of ruins the movie at the same time. Kept waiting for Mike D and Yauch to show up and start some shenanigans. There are shenanigans though, as well as some teenage angst, some darkness and lots of (by now) familiar faces. Can’t really say it’s bad but not good either.

  • Spiral



    Not very good, really, considering the source material, and lot of the editing and directorial decisions plus the skizophrenic color grading make it look amateurish and camp in a bad way. I guess if you’re not familiar with Junji Ito’s manga, it could be an alright j-horror flick. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes.