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  • A Wrinkle in Time

    A Wrinkle in Time


    I loved the heart of this film. It reminded me of the movies I loved when I was a child, and the performances by the child actors were great. However, the pacing is pretty off and at times the emotions felt forced. And while I know repetition is good for children, the one trick wonder of all the Mrs was a bit monotonous, especially for Mrs. Whatsit.

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    A fairly predictable movie with highly unlikable characters. 

    It looks great and the performances were amazing, but there was never a momeng when I cared what happened.

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  • Winchester



    This movie was just really, really boring. I don't even care enough to try and think of things to say about it. It moved way too slowly to appeal to the horror crowd and the weak storyline and its prolixity will probably turn off the rest of the movie lovers.

    The best part about it is hopefully it won't increase tourism to Winchester house too much since I've wanted to visit for a long time.