Get Out ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

The main thing that makes Get Out work is how uncomfortable it can be, and is not afraid of being it. That genuine tension really makes the movie great.

The plot is great, not only because i very creative, but because it is original while drawing from very basic fears and anxieties that are universal. And the way the plot advances is very efficient, sure it doesn't go much into somethings, and the characters aren't exactly very deep, but they don't need to be, the information we get about Chris, plus the situation, and Daniel Kaluuya's amazing acting are more than enough to make us care for him. And again, the plot is developed in a very simple but effective way, with a lot of focus in building the tension and creepiness, and while there are moments where they over do it a bit too much, is always for the comedic moments to work and they do. Although some of the stuff with Rod later on, after Chris is trapped, are a bit too much, they are mostly there to relive some of the tension, there is a shit lot of it by that time.

The cast does an amazing job, all of them, and the movie as a whole is simply just as great. I know i am repeating myself a bit, but is hard to say anything more about it. Is best kind of horror comedy, the kind were the two elements melt very well. I say it again, funny as hell, eerie, creepy and just tense in the best motherfucking way possible.

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