In a Valley of Violence

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This review may contain spoilers.

So this is kind of John Wick on the wild west, at least in it's premise.

Is kind of a mixed bag. Don't get me wrong i liked it just fine, is an intense and cool movie, but it has moments when it feels uneven specially when it comes to the tone, being dangerously close to being a parody at times.

Despite this, the main characters are compelling, Ethan Hawke is really good in this, being, creepy, intense, bad ass, and even funny. and John Travolta gives the best performance I'v seen out of him in a long time , with a character that is not an stereotypic bad guy and doesn't do things exactly like you expect him to do. Taissa Farmiga was ok, but most of her performance, specially the things in her introduction, seemed overly maniac and to belong better in another movie. Karen Gillan was also fine, although her introduction was also off tone, and her accent was a bit weird at times, but she has a few good scenes and here character is not one dimensional.

Violent, well paced, with a few callbacks to older western, good cinematography solid acting and a few compelling characters. The tone can be inconsistent, mostly because of some of the comedy, not all of the dead scenes worked and it kind of just ends. But the movie as a whole is an entertaining, intense, and good looking expereince

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