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This review may contain spoilers.

I didn't knew what this was about so i didn't know what to expect from and in a way i think it was better that way.

This is a very good movie, is well done, incredible well acted, seriously both Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are amazing in this, and the relationship between their characters is a very interesting and complex one, going from sweet, genuine and strong, but also dangerously codependent and close, but, of course it would be that way, in that situation and that sells it that much more .

My main issue with the movie is that it feels too clean, too safe at moments, specially when they get out of the room and try to get a normal life, it is still a very good movie, but it becomes predictable and it feels like they go for some melodramatic scenes mostly because the right way of doing those moments would of being maybe too awkward, and it gives that "this is going to be an academy awards nominee" which a this point takes some naturally from it, because is making it hit certain notes and formulas, instead of going into the subject and making the movie less correct in the way it treats a difficult and really dark story, which takes me to the one thing about this film that really bothered me. After Joy tries to kill herself Jack has a voice off, and i really didn't like that bit, mostly because it was just emotionally manipulative, having the kid talking in a way too innocent and young for him, specially after having just seen the shit he had to go through to try to get out of the room, the fact that he was the one that found his mother in the bathroom and that when she explained to him what the real situation with old Nick was, one of his suggestions was "lets wait until he falls sleeps and kill him" so trying to make us feel bad by making him say things like "she tried to go to heaven but forgot about me, silly mommy" kind of pissed me off, because this kid understands things at this point, understands how death works, there is a whole part of his innocence gone, and thats a big deal, so trying to force it back in and in a very cheap way, just doesn't work.

So leaving that part out, this is well made, the whole part from Joy figuring out how to get Jack out and him actually doing it, is intense, suspenseful emotional and just amazing and thats just part of some great moments in the movie, and the acting is just mind blowing, but they play things too safe and simple for too long. The pace can be a bit slow but that is understandable in this type of story, although they kind of wasted William H Macy which you just shouldn't do, ever.

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